Vuduvox strikes…

J-C, from 80’s electro act BUZZ and Olivier T., live-collaborator to SA42 and Grandchaos, hail from the Belgo-French border and launched this new radical project last September.

VUDUVOX are a matter of angst-ridden vocals in French, machines, guitar and groovier-than-thou rhythms.
“Sérénade pour un Renégat” is their first official demo, still unmastered but – frankly – they don’t care: the spirit’s there… and there’s plenty more where that came from. The hypnotic song pays tribute to the post-punk/electro maverick Gary Asquith (of Rema Rema, Renegade Soundwave fame) who also features as guest vocalist on it. Their first album “Vaudou électrique” is being produced by Dirk da Davo of The Neon Judgment/Neon Electronics while their first gigs had them support Canadian dark-electro pioneer Psyche.
You’ve obviously seen – and heard – worse.