Void Kampf – Funk Off | Review by Side-Line

by Inferno Sound Diaries | Jan. 08, 2018 |

Set up in 1999, French EBM formation Void Kampf self-released a few productions before joining hands with the now gone Sigsaly Transmission to release their debut CD-album “Severe Mais Juste” (2010). Void Kampf featuring a few ‘famous’ members already active for years at the EBM scene from the Northern part of France is now back on track unleashing a new opus.

Void Kampf is much more than simply EBM. They’re driven by good-old EBM, but still dares to experiment with multiple influences. You gone discover hard-pumping and somewhat industrial-techno beats, space bleeps, groovy sequences, ambient elements, sexy samplings, somewhat orchestral arrangements on an instrumental cut and a surprising cover version from Death In June.

On top of the production you’ll notice harsh vocals mainly sung in French and English. Notice by the way several guest singers contributed to the work.

I expected pure old-school EBM, but “Funk Off” is much better and more original. Void Kampf added a very own touch, which makes it more diversified and open-minded although always driven by a solid EBM basis. The cover version of “The Calling” is a risky business, but I simply enjoy this version, which is recognizable by its cool tune, but there’s a nice twist between male vocals and sexy backings. And there’s sexier stuff featured, which also makes the characteristic of the work. I also like the funny ‘Playmobil’-like front cover.

Void Kamp is not reinventing EBM, but the diversity of the production creates a refreshing touch. The only and single regret is the global production/mastering, which could have been better. The sound now remains pretty rough and unpolished, which is maybe intentional, but less professional compared to high tech productions in the genre.

Void Kamp is alive and they sound like having pure fun. This is the kind of work that will appeal for die-hard EBM fans.