Vipermilk – Sound Bites | Review by NoStraightNews

Karli Owens | 18.04.2021 |

Critical commentary dressed up for an entrancing free-for-all party…? This is an apt description for Sound Bites, the debut album of the Scandinavian ‘rant, rage and dance’ band, Vipermilk.

Sound Bites is ‘woke’ in a way that has a problem with words like ‘woke.’  The songs are equally critical of the narrow-minded and those hiding behind intellectually lazy but trendy terminology. With a Woodstock’s-worth of sociopolitical observations belted out to bruising electro beats accompanied by moody synth vibes,’ the series of recently released songs are an odd amalgam of poignant reflections and sheer abandon.

From sarcastic songs about gun-totting Jesus-loving homophobes to angst-ridden observations of a dystopic civilization adopting a narcissist as messiah, the vocals swing from moody Depeche Mode-like disenchantment to NIN urgency.

But as the dance-friendly beats confirm, all conceptual themes are simply part of a celebration – one that embraces alternative multicultural lifestyles, one that celebrates a world we are close to attaining but have regularly allowed to let slip from our fingers.

Though Sound Bites does show lapses in continuity, any project that attempts ‘ambitious and simple’ in one go is worth our attention.