Vipermilk – Sound Bites | Review by Alien E-Zine

Ján Peter Háber | 23.04.2021 |

Finland is most musically associated with hard guitar music. Bands of other genres from this Scandinavian country therefore often appear rarely. At the end of last year, four mostly rockers decided to dive into electronic waters. Their debut is very far from rock, metal or gore grind (which Vipermilk members have done before). And with what sounds bites a snake milk? Hard, danceable, retro, but at the same time modern. They characterize themselves as electropunk with references to the 80-90 dance scene. years. So you need to prepare (almost) for everything. From the first tones of the pilot single from December last year, it is clear what paths the album will take. Guys don’t take themselves musically too seriously, there are a lot of jokes hidden in the melodies and sounds. These contrast with serious socio-critical texts. For the current listener, it may seem that this is still a popular retro synth wave (this appearance is largely helped by the visual of the album). Of course, this genre you can foremost feel from the recording. The guys skillfully combine it with elements of EBM, dance industrial (although I wouldn’t compare it to futurepop). What I personally evaluate very positively is that these are classic song compositions with singing. It is these elements that I significantly miss in many retro synth wave works. And suddenly, four Finns seems “accidentally” mixes up an album, which I have long wanted to hear. The alternation of medium and faster rhythms is very pleasant (fresh Resist for example) and comes to more dramatic moments (Nibiru Cataclysm). Although Sound Bites is debut, you can clearly hear the maturity and stylish variety of the four musicians involved. The vast majority of songs will hopefully soon roll the floors of the clubs and I would not resist watching them live. In some places, the songs are reminiscent of older pieces from Rotersand, or Aesthetic Perfection, or Combichrist at their best. Strong bass is supported by almost recited lyrics. And then here and there comes a strong vocal melody in the chorus. And maybe the magician or something that you don’t expect will come, but it sits there like an ass on the pot (Indugnation, New Drug City). The music is still evolving, it can’t be stopped.
A certain sound is typical at certain epochs. Vipermilk takes the present one and skillfully connects it with the past. EBM, dance dark industrial, or maybe an electroclash today, may sound exactly like freshly milked milk from the snake. Straight into the mouths of the dark souls of our part of the club scene. We are eager and the fresh material has all the necessary nutrients important for proper development. Please note that the album is highly addictive and, thanks to its variety, is more difficult to listen to. Ten songs with a total length of almost three-quarters of an hour are fun to listen to several times in a row. Especially when they know how to make you dance and improve mood. We need nothing more than this. After Cardinal Noire another appetizer from the land of thousands of lakes and islands, Perkele ! Keep up the good work. Although in connection with Cardinal Noire I can think of one analogy – Vipermilk are such a “good sibling” of them (something like Rammstein is a good twin of Laibach and vice versa). Towards the end of the album, you can also hear the influence of rock or mild dubstep elements. And even though it’s a real wilderness and a mess in places – in the end it’s kind of “right”. Maybe it can’t be described quite well and there is only one correct recipe – listen to it. Overall, Finnish music and their scene is quite unknown in our country (except for notorious guitar bands). And it’s a shame. Let me turn a little. In 2009, I was on a six-month internship in the Finnish city of Oulu. For two months I worked there at the festival of music videos, so I had the opportunity to get to know the cross-section of the music there (153 video clips). Well, I was unlucky to run into bands like Vipermilk or Cardinal Noire. But that would be for another article. That’s why I enjoyed this album. These Northerners have something that is typical for them. Roughness, straightness and sincerity. In music, all this can be heard immediately. They don’t look sideways, they want to play something, so they play it and move on. That energy can be infinitely sliced, kiitos *!
* Perkele – an archaic name for the devil, diablo, a popular Finnish word, either for relief or for swearing.
** Kiitos – Thank you