Red Industrie – Destroyer | Review by Side-Line magazine

I always have considered Helder Camberos as one of the most talented and genius musicians dealing with minimal forms of EBM, but still one of the less recognized ones. There’s no real reason why he never gained a similar recognition as some of his compatriots, Mexico being a praised source of talented electro musicians. Maybe it’s all about his minimalism, being not an adherent of dark-electro forms à la Hocico, Amduscia, C-Lekktor ao.

After several great releases under the Isis Signum moniker, Camberos also set up different side-projects. Red Industrie for sure is one of the most noticeable ones and I already had the opportunity to share with you some essential releases like the previous CD “Switch”. Red Industrie now strikes back with a new full-length album and moved to the European label EK Product.

The style and influences exactly remains the same. Red Industrie moves into minimal forms of electronic mixing a few technoid elements with raw EBM arrangements. The result remains fascinating and especially meant to please all lovers of vintage electronics. The is a succession of cool songs featuring multiple guest singers and musicians. The most noticeable names are Sara Noxx -with whom Helder Cameros has already worked with in the past, Dirk Da Davo and Yasmin Gate –known for her involvement in Equitant.

“Destroyer” is made of brutal sound treatments, linear sequences, pure 80s analogue sounds, dry and dominant bass lines and sterile vocals. This is the kind of cold EBM appealing to move and sometimes you’ll even feel the need to shout. Red Industrie also sounds sexy for its kind of imaginary flavor of black leather.

The opening part will directly blow you away. “The Final destruction” featuring Sara Noxx, “One Pain Killer” featuring Dirk Da Davo, “Body Of The Week” and “Decadencia” featuring Yasmin Gate all are terrific electro cuts. But the pleasure goes on and becomes orgasmatic on “Energie”. This song was originally released by Isis Signum, but Camberos merges his projects and influences while replacing the original female vocals with his own voice. The pure body and club-like “Hipocrita” remixed by Dead Mad Danz is another main song. “Cuarta Dimension” is carried by a melodious lead while male and female vocals are like coming together for intercourse.

There are a few more remixes on this CD and I’ve to mention “Body Of The Week” remixed by Raul Parra and “One Pain Killer” remixed by Modernista. The remix of “Body Of The Week” by Ionic Vision sounds brutal and raw again appearing to be the perfect song as final apotheosis.

The album also includes a bonus part, which is the video of “Never Trust In A Machine”. I didn’t mention this other great EBM cut, which is a logical choice for a clip. The carrying EBM bass line mixed with synth lines and Camberos’ robotic vocals sounds like pure lust. The clip in black & white is another wink to the 80s and is quite minimal as well. It still looks sexy accentuated by a few female backing vocals.

Red Industrie for sure released one of the most noticeable releases of the year in the minimal EBM-vein. “Destroyer” only reinforces my opinion about this unique musician.