Red Industrie – Destroyer | Review by Blackvector

Helder Camberos, aka Isis Signum continues with his EBM/Electro project Red Industrie and deliver the third studio album “Destroyer”. Just like previous album “Switch” from 2010, Helder following his concept with several guest vocalists and mix vocals in English, German and Spanish.

Sara Noxx are once again a part of Red Industrie. This time on the opening track “The Final Destruction”. But I must say it is a great choice, since Sara’s voice works very well together with style and tone of the music. It is very futuristic and almost feel robotic, but in the same time it blends in with elements of old school EBM. A think it is a fresh sound, even though it can sound repetitive in some tracks.

The music focus very much on driving beats with elements of IDM and Synthpop. Along with Sara Noxx from the opening track, the album even features guest vocals from Dirk Da Davo and Yasmin Gate. Overall, “Destroyer” is a very good album and that repetitive feeling is fading out more and more the deeper you delve into the album by mixing both up-tempo tracks with calmer ones, though I would like to see a more varied approach in the vocal performance as it kinda keep the same structure throughout the entire album.

For old school fans, you should probably dig right into the remixes. Raul Parra, Modernista, Ionic Vision all deliver a sound of the 80′s EBM/Industrial style with catchy rhythms and the need to dance is a fact.