Protectorate – S.T. | Review by Alien-e-Zine

13.11.2016 | Peter Ryby |

Cardinal Noire as side or Protectorate as the original project? Or how should I understand this? Protectorate or Cardinal Noire?

It’s completely the same since handwriting is essentially similar and any fan of cold machine electronics must love this gentleman aka Kalle Lindberg. It’s the same under what he is signed. In fact I register Protectorate before the great noise that caused Cardinal Noire what makes the shit certainly the whole EBM community and Protectorate this whole machine chase only enhances and is recapturing even better the sound position, in my opinion, since Cardinal Noir has by little spoiled not very good sound which was often alloyed into a fine mess. Protectorate is turning off the fire by its dynamics and is positioned on even more pronounced bass lines that are going under the skin.

The CD contains 8 progressive things sometimes in a punk moods of guitar samples and battle positions. Irritant vocal will roll on you from the beginning and will scorn you as a school teacher when you don’t know how to repeat what he has learned you a minutes ago. Honest work of this material is full of cold ebm scrapes of noises and crazy ideas. It’s only a few projects which today knows how to go through the underground and not so famous bands are showing it to the long time shits on the scene how it really should be done.