Official Press Release // Resistor

The awaited return of the Colombian project Resistor is an event that fans of the most engaging and representative electro can’t miss. After the success of the previous EP “Breathe”, today Leonardo Jaime is back on the scene in his best form, proud to present his interpretation of the avant-garde sound symbolized by the debut album Driving Force.

The tracklist lists twelve fantastic songs full of pure EBM / Techno energy, in which a truly catchy dynamism flows. The release is stylistically characterized by a massive presence of oldschool Electronic Body Music formulations, embellished with modern technicisms of latest generation that make the tracks extremely effective from every point of view. Symmetrical midtempo-uptempo percussiveness of drum-programming, sequenced hatchings, minimal synth sections with a captivating, aggressive and dark vocalism, are the peculiarities that make “Driving Force” indispensable to satisfy all the needs of the frequenters of alternative clubs and for all those who love to listen and dance to this music at maximum volume in their room. An authentic cascade of extraordinary modulations will submerge you, amplifying your perceptions of sound power, of movement and pleasure.

The album is also enhanced by the two stellar remixes by TourdeForce and AD: Key, which add further prestige to the titletrack through irresistible floorfiller arrangements. Resistor is a volcano of creativity and his great talent is unstoppable: let his strength drive you! Another technological art masterpiece has been created.