Official Press Release // Protectorate

Finland’s Kalle Lindberg (with Cardinal Noire programmer Lasse Alander) is simply a portent.

There are no other words to define his genius, his electro-charisma and his art to transform the technological music into something truly unique, unrepeatable. The band proudly returns on the scene with his project called Protectorate, offering a self-titled album in which are included eight significant tracks, each of which is destined to become a reference point for all fans of the best electro sound now in circulation worldwide.

The full-length “Protectorate” gives off kiloton of old-school electro/industrial/EBM energy through alternations of angry, harsh vocals, linear and hard drumming, geometric sequencing, dark synths with atmospheres saturated of tension and neurasthenia.

Always faithful to his good concept of “quality not quantity”, Protectorate forge with extreme accuracy this impressive release that has as its main foundation fiery rhythms, sharp texts and high danceability, elements that captures the listener dragging him to an alienating dimension to which it will be impossible to escape.

No hesitation. No compromise. Find this album and enjoy it entirely until the last instant!

Protectorate - S-T