Official Press Release // Oldschool Union

EBM followers: rejoice! The Finns Oldschool Union returned to drag you again in their exciting techno-dance vortex. After the success obtained with the previous album “Älä Ole, Elä!, Seppo and Janne break again into the scene, offering to the fans a new, full-length load of energy and irreverent lyrics, respecting all the traditional dogmas of the best early-Electronic Body Music.

In the seventeen tracks of “Perjantai” you can listen to formulations saturated of impetus and discipline, expressed through the traditional music scheme that propagates super bass-lines, rigid sections of drum-programming, linear sequenced trails and aggressive vocals, in a dynamic and compact set of sounds that will compel you to dance for hours and hours, testing your physical strength. Decisiveness and movement they combine perfectly, creating today as a time those sparks of pure electronic vitality that made so unique and evergreen the post-Neue Deutsche Welle, one style that finds in Oldschool Union a solid point of reference.

The album is mixed and mastered by Dirk Steyer from the famous synthpop / electro / industrial band Accessory. Warm up your muscles and get ready to run amok at the rhythm of the most amazing EBM release of this first part of 2016.