Official Press Release // La Santé

The Polish one man-act based in Sweden named La Santé is one of the most exciting emerging and less known projects from the new European electro scene. His technological style is highly charismatic, full of power and of something else indefinitely catchy,  mainly based on Oldschool EBM elements with intriguing Coldwave shades.

The twelve tracks included in the album “Pogansky” concentrate a formidable amount of electronic energy that forces all listeners to a vigorous dance, through variable speeds of drum-progamming which give the sound a square structure, essential sequenced counterpoints, minimal synth and abrasive, sloganistic vocals. This full-lenght is an exciting combination of ballability and dynamism explicitly conceived for all fans of the classic Neue Deutsche Welle, who will find in this release its utmost expression.  “Pogansky” spreads electronic music of direct functionality, distinguished by impetus and by an inexhaustible need for movement, a lively effervescence of modulations and whippy percussiveness.

La Santé is the creator of a sonic device of amazing seductive power, to play loud and dance until your body will go crazy with pleasure!

LA SANTE' - Pogansky (2017)