Official Press Release // Guilt Trip

The world of electronics is proud to celebrate the return of the Swedish project Guilt Trip with their new album ready to conquer thousands of fans.

The twelve tracks of Brap:tism are an arsenal of sharp, destabilizing, irreverent vocals combined with amazing tracks derived from EBM, Electro-rock and from North American Industrial, a whole nondescript into regular music conventions. The full-length contains all the potential that M.Nilsson and K.Lindberg have accumulated during years of continuous experimentation, multiplying the admiration of their audience now more than ever. Within the ruthlessness of strophes you can feel a cold vibrating anger, as well as procedures that radiate dancing-energy by the use of squared rhythms, harsh abrasions of synths and by electric guitar wakes, a conglomerate that exponentially amplify that deep sense of alienation and obsession already perceptible in their previous album “Feed The Fire” from 2012.

Oblique sounds, a little more than minimal, melodic unpredictable trajectories, dry lines of drum -programming and vocal hardness are the main structures of this new release that will soon occupy a prominent place in the alternative electronic scene and into your record collection, confirming once again Guilt Trip as one of the most original protagonists: the supremacy of this power-duo is indisputable!