Official Press Release // Guilt Trip

The Swedish power duo Guilt Trip reappears more determined than ever with an authentic electro masterpiece that will surely leave an indelible mark of of its passage.

The double CD “Roots” is an arsenal of andamazing sounds specially designed to reach all fans of musicality that combines industrial, dark electro and EBM. The atmospheres of the new album, charged with electricity and impetuous obscuruty, will ruthlessly assault your ear canals, flooding the senses with pleasure, stimulating exponentially the desire to move your body following the rhythm with astonishing naturalness.

Both volumes of the release, containing twelve tracks each, incorporate a sound system characterized by asymmetrical midtempo drumming scans, sharp guitar riffs, enveloping trails of synths and provocative vocals pronounced with sibylline harshness, all this made irresistibly danceable in the entire second CD thanks to the skilful remixing of mastermid Sebastian Komor, who adds to the songs a technological dynamism and perfect dosages of clubby strategies that exponentially increase the degree of entertainment and the spectacularity of the musics.

“Roots” is the definitive attestation of the great value of Guilt Trip, a project launched at lightning speed towards the top of the alternative electronic landscape, capable of transforming the sonic concept into hot, stinging matter full of power and personality. Volcanic and extraordinarily creative, Guilt Trip have forged an album of enormous caliber and without compromise, in which all electro industrial fans will find the dimension they have always desired. “Roots” subjugates, seduces, dragging the listener with resolute force. Its two track lists hit hard and in depth, in the truest sense of the word!