Official Press Release // Framework

After eleven years from the acclaimed debut-album “Reflections” and as many from the subsequent adjustment of line-up, the Germans Framework, today consisting of Daniel Konrad and Andreas Lehmann, return more endearing offering in their latest full-length a musical repertoire a closely related to EBM/synthpop/dark-electro/glitch.

Untold Stories contains fifteen tracks of the highest technological level as the result of a long period of research testing ever more impeccable acoustics. The sound produced by the instruments is a distillation of artificial melodies, rhythmics variably down/mid/uptempo, darkness and a vocal anger harshly repressed.

Well cared in its processing and arrangements, this album is a triumph of aesthetic sounds, danceable programmed percussiveness, flows of synths and cutting chants, all of them suggesting a deep meaning in its lyrics, all this expressly planned to entertain the listener or do dance him meditating on the texts.

We are therefore proud to highlight the importance of this release and of this formidable duo-act that creates an electronic-sound mature and highly captivating; the remixes by Disharmony and Talvekodik, as well as one song played in collaboration with Nine Seconds, enrich the tracklist further raising its value. “Untold Stories” is a brilliant product full of promises that certainly deserves your attention.



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