Official Press Release // Combat Voice

Since 2010 Combat Voice is a guarantee of rhythm, energy and danceability. The Belgian duo consisting in Richard G, from the ‘pure EBM’ project Combat Noise, with Bernard F, the singer of the EBM / Industrial platforms called Mono Electronic Density and Fuze Box Machine: both artists are the authors of a cold-EBM /Techno contaminant sound that certifies, now more than ever, their skill and their high competence amply demonstrated in 2013 by an excellent album entitled “Chaotic Universe”.

The new digipak full-length Geopolitics Whispers & Agony is a concentrate of inflexible, minimal- symmetrical percussiveness combined with rapid fluctuations of sequencing and vocals expressed by icy tones, for a contest of sonic technology plus aggressive lyrics that give the music of Combat Voice an impetuous temperament and a disciplined melodism. This important release demonstrates the full control on the machines reached today by the two artists, in addition to more effective EBM strategies that exhort to collective dances.

The return of Combat Voice is an event of great interest for all fans of this style, whom will judge essential to own and listen to an album of similar magnetism that includes twelve electronic assaults, one more intriguing than the other. Is all this enough for you?