Noise Trade Company (G. Becuzzi from Limbo) has signed for EKP!

To evoke and be able to focus on certain musical ghosts coming from the past turning them into an up-to-date sound it’s not so simple. Let’s suppose someone could do it successfully. Let’s add the fact that the overall basic theme glances at the nowadays consumer society with a cynical and nihilist attitude and… BOOM.. le jeux sont fait!
Ek Product couldn’t get out of releasing an album which has brought all of us in to our earliest origins, when we listened a lot to Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget,Chrome from early 80s , as well as the first post-punk by Wire and PIL, the latter during the marvelous period of Second Edition / Metal Box. We also do not want to forget to list the influence of the N.Y. No Wave from late 70s and, to talk about the contemporary days, the reminiscences of the electro-clash sound of the american band ADULT.
Shortly…WHO manage to do such a great work?
Here’s the answer: one of the true Italian obscure/electronic music genius ever, Gianluca Becuzzi, mind and voice under the legendary Italian band LIMBO. Gianluca Becuzzi who is now presenting, for your and our pleasure, his actual project called NOISE TRADE COMPANY!
We dare to make a step forward: it’s a long time (at least since Vox Insana, My Whip Your Flesh e Our Mary Of Cancer…) we didn’t get excited about a work completely “made in Italy”, influenced by sharp, dark venues, magnificently in accordance with the best oldschool industrial and electro scene..
Noise Trade Company – Post Post Post [Out in September 2011]