NeuroRythm – Dissent | Review by Brutal Resonance

OK, I love this album. I’m an old man that’s been DJing for 30 years now and I remember when we started to play EBM/Industrial tracks during the nights back in the 80’s. (All “hand turned gramophones in the club” jokes can be emailed to me later)

And before I read the NeuroRythm bio I immediately felt I had heard this before but not the same. In fact I bought the Dissent album after listening to three tracks. Then I thought, “Well, research being what it is, I had better see what this is all about then” and I saw this on the bio.

His passion is creating electro / EBM music with an old school edge. and then So if you like raw old school stuff you will enjoy NeuroRythm!. So essentially my review is done.

However, if you have read my last reviews you know I can’t stop at the basic information.

NeuroRythm is the duo Andreas Gregor and Laurie Sydorowicz based out of Toronto, Canada. Both have been in the Electro scene for some years now and through various bands and projects of varying high degrees of success, arrived at the point of a three song demo, were picked up by a label and the Dissent album was made. Sounds easy but there was a lot of work between then and now.

So on to the album. 12 tracks, all over 5 minutes bar 2 and a couple 6 minute + tracks in there as well, give you just under 65 minutes of pleasure. I mention this because all the tracks sound like club versions. Big sharp beats, choppy succinct bass, pads and strings that fill the tracks out as well as those bits of space between the sounds. I can imagine every track on this album being used in DJ sets. (I know I will) Although some of the vocals seem a little off on a couple of tracks, for me, the this is a solid album that I am happy I have spent money on.

So, if you’re into old school EBM and feel like listening to Nitzer Ebb or Front 242, don’t, well not right away. Listen to NeuroRythm’s Dissent and enjoy the new oldschool for a time. You won’t be sorry.