Monstergod – Resurrected | Review by Side-Line magazine

MonsterGod is a Polish duo that is already active for a couple of years now. The band already has several self-releases and finally got a deal with EK Product. When evoking the still young, but prolific Italian label of EK Product I immediately make a link with ‘retro-electronic music’. “Resurrected” for sure belongs to this description.

The particularity of this band for sure is the lyrical content, which is influenced by famous writers like William Blake, Charles Beaudelaire, Alexander Pushkin, Emily Dickinson and a few others. I was really wondering to hear the match of EBM and poetry. The kick off is quite good.

“Insomnia” is inspired by good-old EBM and dark-electro reminding me of Yelworc. The song is dominated by an impressive blasting lead. The songs mainly deal with dark-electronic atmospheres. The vocals are quite interesting and sometimes reminding me of the living legends like Peter Spilles and Dominik Van Reich. Electronics and the guitar parts are in perfect balance, but sometimes result in heavier cuts like “Jerusalem”. Other recommended songs are “Bright Cap And Streamers” and “The Enemy”.

A song that doesn’t sound that typical for the album is “Sleep Now”. This track is more into modernism. It’s a powerful piece built up with great bleeps and a way of singing that comes closer to Mind.In.A.Box.

The album features a few bonus tracks consisting of remixes and an extra song. I personally expected a bit more out of this bonus, but the remix of “Jerusalem” by Egoist is a real cool version. I like the effect on the vocals and the powerful danceable vibes running through the song. “Jerusalem” might be consider as one of the main songs of MonsterGod and has been previously released as an EP.

MonsterGod is not what I would call a revelation on EK Product, but the official debut of the band however is acceptable and featuring good ideas and a great concept.