Liquid G. | Review by Peek-A-Boo magazine

High quality garbage.

Melsele (Belgium), 1:30 AM, 1987. The start of the Liquid G. tale in the Belgian industrial electro scene. A fierce and lonesome fight, colored by a punk “do it yourself” attitude, resulting in loads of self-released cassettes and CDR’s and a story that reaches a new peak with “Biohazard and Medical Waste” … It must be said: a Liquid G. Grand Cru! More accessible but still embracing the raw energy of earlier work. The boundaries of EBM, electro and industrial are constantly explored and crossed, which results in an explosive fluorescent green cocktail of repetitive sounds. What else? Since “Black Liquid” (2009), Liquid G. has become a promising duo: Peter VB and singer/songwriter Kim.

The strong instrumental intro “Industrial Flow” makes you impatiently wonder about the rest of the garbage on the menu! Kim appears for the first time on “The State of Garbage Part 1” and her voice is a perfect match for the cold toxic beats pouring out of the speakers. “Biohazard & Medical Waste” pounds your eardrums relentlessly and “Battle for Control” is shouting: “DANCE, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS”. The CD offers a total of 16 new songs, remakes and remixes, drowning you in a bath of biological, medical and other garbage.

“Biohazard & Medical Waste” was released on the Italian EK Product Label that also signed exquisite KARBU38 (“tour de chauffe”). EK-boys/girls seem to have great taste and they have certainly caught my attention! Another label to watch and follow …

“Biohazard & Medical Waste” offers raw and exciting amusement, is limited to 300 copies and comes wrapped in a beautiful “high quality Digipack”. Buy it now!

Liquid G. : RESPECT!