Liquid G. – “Biohazard and Medical Waste” – OUT NOW!!!

“Biohazard and Medical Waste” is the new work by the legendary underground Belgian artist Peter Van Bogaert (active since 1987). This album is for sure one of the best products of the last years, suitable for all the lovers of the true oldschool industrial and for everyone who appreciates a high quality electronic sound.

In the 16 tracks of the album Peter V.B. and Kim Da Laet (who is a steady member of the band since three years) are able to create a variety of different electro tracks, all ofthem leaded by a strong punk attitude.

Disturbing, sometimes hypnotic loops, stratified, vintage sounds, deep, distorted bass-lines, acid voices are the main features of a work which is able to diversifies from EBM venues to a emphasized post-punk attitude.

Even if Liquid G. doesn’t give a lot of space to melodies, the syncopated voices, the martial, repetitive loops affect your mind becoming unforgettable.

A powerful product which has its main references in Vomito Negro, Klinik and Dive but which also winks at bands like Cabaret Voltaire and, mainly, The Screamers, Nervous Gender and Voice Farm.

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