K-Bereit – Positiv sound / Negativ beat | Review by Side-Line magazine

The French duo Dominique Lallement – Frédéric Sebastien strikes back with their 2nd full length in 3 years. They moved from Sigsaly Transmissions to EK Product with an astonishing piece of music. The previous album “Distört Neural Unit” revealed a few good surprises, but this is nothing compared to the new work.

K-Bereit was presented as the offspring between Kriegbereit and Cobalt 60. As a listener and criticism I would say that it’s first of all the offspring between EBM and dark-electro. The French duo perfectly moves in between the edges of both music styles so in the end we might speak about dark-EBM. K-Bereit isn’t exactly reinventing EBM or dark-electronics, but simply composes very efficient music in the genre.

The album is a succession of exciting tracks driven by heavy beats, cold leads, EBM sequences and harsh vocals. “Lesson One” which logically opens the album is a very representative song to catch the new work by K-Bereit. “Miss N” coming next has a cool old-school feeling, but with a rather unexpected rather technoid lead at the end. “Drunk” and “Start Running” will ravish the purest EBM fans while “Plug & Say” sounds more like dark-EBM.

“Y + M + H” stands for the potential hit of the album. This is a great piece of extreme powerful body music. The power is exactly what characterizes the new work of K-Bereit. The band never sounded this powerful and that’s precisely what makes the global strength of “Positiv Sound / Negativ Beat”.

The 3 last cuts are remixes. Their compatriots from Dolls Of Pain and Punish yourself vs. Sonic Area have been asked to remix “Lesson One”. The Polish project Human Steel (we recently discovered on Halotan Records) did a great job as well. They made another remix of “Lesson One” holding on the original EBM style.

K-Bereit doesn’t innovate, but just reminds us how cool and modern EBM has to sound!