Impakt! – Imperia | Review by Side-Line magazine

Impakt! is not exactly a name that will ring a bell, but the members behind this band once were known and renowned as Advanced Art which was a band got some fame during the 90s. Their debut-CD “Product” released in 1993 on Poko Rekords was a real cool EBM album.

The members joined hands again to set up Impakt!. “Imperia” is not exactly awakening the old-spirit of Advanced Art although it sounds pretty 90s like. The mix of EBM and some pop elements is quite efficient, but can never convince me in the way that Advanced Art did.

This is another band and another time. The debut part however is quite interesting. The songs are quite powerful, especially “Tie Your Wings Down” and “Coming Down With Fire” are both great pieces. The kick is pure 90s-like and I think the definition of old-school EBM is quite appropriated. “For Our Lost Empire” is another great piece in the genre. It’s also the absolute highlight on the 2nd part of the CD. This song was remixed by Retrogramme in a more pronounced EBM-style. Autodafeh and Grandchaos both did remixes as well, but I prefer the work of Retrogramme.

Impakt doesn’t sound like a fresh band, but definitely is a 90s inspired combo that has been recovered from dust. It works quite efficiently on a few pieces, but globally speaking I’m missing a real spirit. Advanced Art remains one of my personal 90s favorites, but Impakt! still has a way to go to become a potential millennium favorite one.