Impakt! – Imperia | Review by Blackvector magazine

Finland has never been a country you name EBM or electronic music. Instead it is the promised land of Metal music.

I remember another band some years ago named Kuroshio Current that played hard-hitting EBM in the vein of Grendel. I think the band is disbanded since a couple of years though. And then we have Beati Mortui of course.

However, Impakt! is a new band created from the guys who were behind Advanced Art, an EBM band who had its period in the late 80′s to the mid 90′s before they split in 1995.

With “Imperia” the band deliver a clever, but yet with a very simple structure, a strong debut and they sure don’t left out their old influences as the album reveal a journey back in time to the 80′s and early 90′s to bands like Axodry or Pet Shop Boys. Kick in with a more structural EBM sound and you get Impakt!. Many classic sounds from back then is included but in a way there is a modern touch to it.

Many tracks has a great danceable feeling with catchy refrains and melodies. Together with a good production the band strike with a strong debut giving a great experience for old school fans. Included are remixes from Autodafeh, Retrogramme and Grandchaos.