Halo Effect – Recoding | Review by Peek-a-Boo magazine

You can feel it right from the start. We’re taking off for a luxurious flight to Synthpop/EBM heaven.

“Cold Front”, the fierce and fiery “Recoding _”-kickoff, promises sixty beat infested minutes of pure Fun & Future. “Burning Chrome” continues in strict EBM-tempo, marching through cyber reality with the greatest of ease. Time for the BIG guns! “Pulsar” is probably the best song on “Recoding –“: Halo effect in KILLER mode, DARK STARS indeed. An exquisite intro (Stalker?), relentless beats converging with delightful “eighties” vocals, this song really has it all. “Fiction” doesn’t’, I’m sorry guys. Too much Crüxshadows. Halo Effect seems at its best with mid-tempo vocals. Should I specifically mention some other songs? Maybe one, “Total Recall”, another great track displaying the bright and full potential of Halo Effect.

In all, there are 14 tracks to be discovered and enjoyed on “Recoding _”, a potent mix of Synthpop, EBM and Futurepop. The third Halo Effect album deserves the full attention of people in the market for fine craftsmanship, a high degree of refinement and catchy melodies. “Recoding _” was excellently produced by Mika Rossi (AUTODAFEH) and preceded by “New Romantic Industry” (2008) and “The Fourth Zone” (2010). Mika also delivers a vocal contribution on “New Body Machine”.

EK Product is breaking the silence once more … and release n° 23 is an (almost) absolute gem! John Andrew Peverieri, Alessandro Polinori, Federico Rosi en Marco Cattani: cheers and BIG UP!