Grandchaos – We suffer when the world changes | Review by Grave Concerns e-zine

A must have for all Electronic Body Music enthusiasts. Sixteen songs worth of outstanding quality.

An album produced by Russian Recording Artist, Tcheleskov Ivanovitch, including contributions from Ethan Fawkes and Jacky Meurisse.

Tcheleskov and his brother Trevosky moved from Russia to Belgium in the 1980s to become pioneers of the Electronic Body Music Movement (EBM) within Brussels, (Europe).

If you are not familiar with their music works and a newbie like me I recommend checking out their discography back catalogue of earlier music works to get an idea how their sound evolved, including their music project, Ivanovitch Dans Lombre.

I make reference to a few songs, for referencing only and this is just a tip on the iceberg;

Grandchaos – A lot of pain (remixed by BAK XIII) (2011); bouncy dance beats, polished sound, pulsating rhythms, repetitive vocals of deeper male vocal and sexy female vocal. A modern sound of Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Open Source, (2007); heavily experimentalelectronica, with EBM influences.

EBM is still as popular as ever, especially old school 1980s vinyl productions. It’s great that this album is expected to be popular too with availability on CD, from most music stores.

The songs from the latest album, We Suffer When The World Changes are a collection of timeless classics, taken inspiration from 1980s, influences of techno, pulsating rhythms, and drum programming. The vocals throughout the album are an interesting combination of baritone, repetition here and there and echo in parts to influence dramatic effects. The lyrical lines appear short and prominent.

Tcheleskov with the album, has used all his skills and experience beyond what anyone could imagine, that less is more to produce this World Class album!

More notably, the Ivanovitch brothers truly deserve their place in the EBM Hall of Fame, as Masters of Electronic music.