Grandchaos – Rumours of my life | Review by Side-Line magazine

We recently discovered the CD/EP “Refuge” released on Urgence Disk Records which announces the new full length of this Belgian project. Quite curiously the album was released on EK Product, which seems to become like a 2nd home for Belgian projects. After Liquid G, NTRSN and Gin Devo it’s now time for Grandchaos to join in.

It took several years for Tcheleskov to achieve this new album, but it was worth to wait. Getting the help of guest vocalist Jacky Meurisse (Signal Août 42) on several songs “Rumours Of My Life” is a well crafted piece of electro-minimalism. Composed with vintage synths Grandchaos realized a balanced and efficient work.

The songs with the SA 42 singer are definitely the most attractive ones as his timbre of voice and the EBM-vibes perfectly match. The most impressive song for sure is “Some Emotion”. This is great EBM driven by commanding vocals. But I also have to mention the already known “Refuge” (known from the EP) and the opening track “Stay with Me”. Tcheleskov and J. Meurisse is a winning duo!

And what about the other songs? One of the best tracks is for sure “The Sky Will My Tomb”. The remixes on “Refuge” were quite efficient, but the original version is going for the gold. Vocals and synth lines are absolutely great and irresistible. This song is also a prelude for an astonishing final part. “A Lot Of Pain” and “Replica” both are terrific pieces. Jacky Meurisse is again singing on “A Lot Of Pain”, which sounds pretty cold-like. “Replica” is another icy-minded piece with samplings instead of vocals. The end is near, but made of fascinating remixes by Foretaste and Groupe T. I especially recommend the sexy and body-pop “Ultra Dark Day” remixed by Foretaste.

Grandchaos here left me its best impression ever. This is intelligent body music based on the good-old days and standards, but improved by the modern facilities and minimalism of today. A great vintage experience opening paths for the future… it might sound as a contradiction, but it simply appears as a great influence for the next generations of EBM. EBM is made in Belgium and that’s what bands like NTRSN and Grandchaos reminding us of loud and clear!