Gin Devo – Errata | Review by Side-Line magazine

After the recently released “Surface”-album I expected a new ambient creation by the Vomito Negro member. “Surface”, which was a re-issue of old ambient work by Gin Devo confirmed the great writing skills of this musician, and his hidden genius for ambient music. “Errata” took me by surprise and I’m sure I’ll not be the only one. This album has nothing in common with “Surface”.

Gin Devo here explores minimal realms of EBM. All the songs are based on irresistible and impressive EBM bass lines. The work is quite repetitive, but when the sound is that magic you never get enough of it. Gin Devo elaborates on his work with dark atmospheres and icy vibes, which remind me of Vomito Negro, but globally speaking the style and influences are pretty different.

The 9 songs are essential, but especially 2 out of them are close to perfection.

“Good Night Mr President” is a perfect illustration of the EBM-minimalism of the project, but the song is totally accomplished by a kind of icy bleeps that join in. On top of it all is the whispering, ghostlike voice of Gin Devo, which totally matches with the dark atmospheres. The other song that left me breathless is “Scope Of Desire”. Once again Gin Devo excels in the writing of the bass line, but when a kind of dark, raw tone joins in you feel the irresistible need to move.

Gin Devo doesn’t sing on all songs, but even the instrumentals are remarkable. He sometimes injected spooky, spoken samplings, which together with the dark loops are creating a chilling and exciting result. The Klinik-al title song is a remarkable apotheosis to this brilliant piece of music. Gin Devo has already done great things, but “Errata” is one of his masterpieces!