Gin Devo – Errata | Review by Peek-a-Boo magazine

Here’s Gin … IN YOUR FACE!

“ERRATA” = Electronic Belgian Music Deluxe!

Veteran electro soldier Gin Devo is back, still standing strong and displaying his brutal force and relentless focus on “Errata”, aiming at the hearts of EBM fans all over Europe! Differentiated repetition and a hint of industrial monotony are fiercely fighting for your attention and appreciation. The atmosphere is grim, the beats are frozen and “Salted Flesh” is torn. Gin is generously offering another round of “über”-electro, this time solo. “Errata” is messing up your mind AND feet, leaving you exhausted! “GOODBYE” mr President! Gin Devo is leading, by example.

Another EK grenade, dealing MASSIVE damage!