Equitant – Retrospekt 2008/2013 | Review by Side-Line magazine

Content: The name of Equitant doesn’t maybe say that much to you, but in just a couple of years it simply became one of Side-Line’s favorite contemporary EBM projects. The reason why you don’t know Equitant yet maybe is because this American project only released digital material.

Equitant is a Texan based minimal-EBM project set up by Raymond D. Heflin. Next to Equitant, Heflin also runs the digital label Black Montanas, which is mainly devoted to the same kind of EBM and a truly passion for analogue gear. This album must be a kind of consecration for this talented composer who finally found a home at EK Product to release his ‘old’ songs on CD format. “Retrospekt 2008/2013” doesn’t bring anything new for all of those who know Equitant and who’re familiar with the discography. But on the other hand it’s pure lust to get all these songs on one disc.

Equitant clearly sounds like a sound bridge between good-old 80s EBM influences and contemporary body-minimalism. The songs might remind you of other artists like Terence Fixmer and Adam-X. there’s a similar taste for minimalism and the love for 80s elements. The cold, analogue atmosphere recovering the songs will for sure evoke good-old souvenirs. The production of the vocals is another typical element reminding me of the golden decade of early EBM. Next to Ray Heflin singing on several tracks you’ll hear a few familiar Equitant-guests like Lea X, Yasmin Gate, Stephan Busche and Bastian.

Getting back to the music you sometimes will recognize elements of DAF and analogue manipulations à la Kraftwerk. The songs often sound simple and repetitive, but the global production simply sounds powerful and murderously efficient.

Equitant has selected some of their finest songs and I here will tip essential cuts like “Dynamique” (English and a French version), Das Menschlicherennen (for all DAF fans), Flash Of Light, “Dynamism” and “Body Vehement”. There’s no real break on this album, but a non-stop energy and dynamism! The choruses are often carried by cold leads bringing EBM-lovers to a state of ultimate excitement. The coldness of the body-songs is often joined by the sterile, but sensual half spoken – half sung vocals of both female guest singers. Equitant sounds hot and sexy and yet that cold and irresistible.

Conclusion: I’ve already heard several essential albums this year, but “Retrospekt 2008/2013” definitely is the last one to add to this selected list of ‘finest records of 2013’. This is a great and pure vintage EBM records releases by one of the last –and still not that renowned genius in the genre!