Di*ove – Di*ode | Review by Side-Line magazine

DI*ove must be one of the last hidden electro bands from Belgium with a huge potential. This band is based in the French part of the country. One of the members previously was involved in the demo-band Escape Industry. That was already quite a long time ago, but I’m sure it will evoke some souvenirs to old tape collectors reading Side-Line.

DI*ode got the opportunity to get signed to one of the most active EBM-minded labels from the past few years while EK Product also is a kind of home basis for Belgian bands. The official debut release “DI*ode” reveals to be great sound manipulators turning EBM into some minimal approach. The songs have been accomplished through vintage electro sounds, analogue sweeps and danceable rhythms. The vocal production rather sounds clear and I sometimes miss a little bit more passion in it. That’s one of the few elements that could have been improved.

Musically some of the songs sound a bit hesitant while other pieces reveal the sophisticated and sound manipulating approach of the duo. DI*ove also likes to work with other artists and Plastic Noise Experience for sure is a noticeable name on the album. Unfortunately this song entitled “Addictions” is not exactly an attention grabber.

I definitely prefer the well-crafted “What The Fuck” feat. Mad Woowoo (who the f*** is Mad Woowoo?) illustrating the amazing writing skills of the band. Things are really get interesting on the outstanding “Clinically Dead”, which is an alluring piece of dark-body music composed with dreadful sounds. Both last pieces of the album still are noticeable cuts where you’ll notice dark sequences intermingled with EBM elements.

DI*ove” is an interesting piece of work, which unfortunately only features 9 songs. A few songs are not that terribly inspired while a few other cuts are showing the real potential of DI*ode. This is a band to keep an eye on!