Brutal Resonance | interview with Bodykomplex

By Steven Gullotta | Co-Editor @ Brutal Resonance

Finnish duo Bodykomplex has their label debut album out this October via EK Product, and with so little really known about them, I gave both of them an interview. The masked duo that is Olaf and Kris give out their thoughts and opinions regarding various subjects below:

Hello and welcome to Brutal Resonance! Please state your band’s name and give us a little introduction to it.

Thanks for having us. We are an ebm band from Finland called Bodykomplex. Our style is to make songs that have that ‘stomp the ground’ feel and keeping our unique style.

Where and when was it that you first started playing music?

It was at Olaf’s place when we first tried to do an oldschool styled EBM song and it sounded so good that we decided to put it on the Internet. This was back in the 2012.

Did you have any major influences from any other musicians when you first began?

As a band biggest influences comes from Sweden (Spark!, Ekobrotsmyndigheten, KROPP, Kommando XY, etc.) and also from Finland (Oldschool union).

And when did you both meet? Was it at a concert, or were you friends for a long time?

We have been friends for long time. We met at vocational school for audiovisual communication around 2005-2006.

When exactly did you form Bodykomplex? Was it a long process in the making or did it just suddenly happen?

It just happened. It was 2012 that night when we made our first song.

What was it that you first put out under the Bodykomplex name? Was it a single, an EP, an album, or something else?

We have always made songs just for the Internet. First song that we put online was ‘Punaniska sika.

Was everything easy to go from the start? Did everything work out and did you two cooperate well enough to make music making under Bodykomplex simple?

Yes, everything has worked out well. If we have some opinions or ideas we discuss about them and find a pleasing solution for the both of us. We live in different cities so sometimes it complicates things; for example, if we have a gig coming and we need to rehearse together. Otherwise everything works like a dream.

Your label debut will be out on EK Product this October. Tell us a little about the release; what are the contents? And does the album have a title?

The album is named Karma. The lyrics have stories about life (having some humor in them), EBM stompers, drinking and partying. Some songs tell stories about the downside of life when you have no money, no job and life kind of ‘sucks” in every way.

I know you guys focus on old school EBM. Are all of your songs written in such a retro fashion, or are there some modern hooks and twists in the album?

We could say our songs are unique blend of old school EBM with hints of electro synth sounds and crazy ideas. It´s not just EBM, it´s unique EBM. That’s what Bodykomplex is all about.

I know that Kris is mainly in charge of vocal duties, but do you both have a say in lyrical content?

It’s mainly Kris who writes the lyrics and then Olaf does adjustments to them. Olaf gets some crazy ideas for the lyrics and after those the song becomes the ‘Body’ that we are.

When you heard everything come together at last, both the music and the lyrics and production, were you proud of what you accomplished?

We are still amazed how smoothly we can make new songs. We always learn from the process and try to improve ourselves. New songs are in process for the second album and there will be something new here and there.

Have you shared the album with anyone as of yet? If so, what were their thoughts on it? Do you think the album will please most fans of the genre, or is that something you’re not too worried about?

Few of our closest friends have listened the album and what they said was ‘Wow! Can we get more?’ We believe that when people discover us and feel the energy we have, they will remember us.

Do you have any live shows or tours planned in support of the album?

We are actively looking for gigs and there are some plans on the table to have live shows abroad.

Lastly, I wish you good luck in your musical career!

Thank you! We are looking forward the future!