Brutal Resonance | Interview with 11 Grams

by Steven Gullotta | October 07, 2017 |

Hi there Rob! Thanks for coming on Brutal Resonance for this chat! How are things going for 11grams? You’ve got a new album out and from what I’ve read so far, reception has been quite positive!
Rob:  Things are going well! It seems that since we released our video for ‘Machine Malfunction’, radio stations have been playing the track and passing our name around.  We’ve shared early copies of our Album, Panacea to DJs and they’ve played other tracks as well. Pre-sales were quite good too, almost reaching top ten in sales on POPoNAUT before the album was released!
Now, 11grams is a collaboration between yourself and Simeon Fitzpatrick of Project K11.  How did you two meet and what made you want to start a band together?

Rob:  Me and DJ Wolf of Digital Anodyne met through a now defunct label and became long distance friends. He introduced me to Simeon who provided a remix for my other band Retrogramme. Through this process we became friends. I wanted to start an industrial band and really liked Simeon’s basslines from his other project, Project K11. We agreed to write a few songs together and see how things went and then decided to keep going!

With Panacea you fused multiple genres including industrial, electro, EBM, and synthpop into one album. Did you find it hard to fit all those genres on one album, or was it a breeze with two minds going at it?

Rob:  It was a breeze, mainly because we didn’t think in terms of genres, although we did have an idea that it might be mostly EBM. Our next album, which we’ve already started on, may be a bit more consistent in genre but time will tell.

There are twelve tracks in total on the album, including remixes from Daniel Myer, Xavier Swafford, and Atropine. Most albums have the remixes appear at the end of the album, but you have the remixes placed after the original in the album. Was this is a conscious choice or just something you didn’t really think about?

Rob:  It seems too easy to just stick remixes at the end so we tried to be creative about it. I think the remixes are different enough from the originals that it works.

I know that you are based in the USA and Simeon is based over in Australia. How did you guys create songs together from such a distance? Was it a matter of swapping files back and forth over in the internet until the song was perfect?

Rob:  We had some minor difficulties getting into a flow at the beginning but the result was satisfying enough that we worked through them and created a system to smooth things out. Now it’s quite natural for us. We often use video conferencing on our phones as well to discuss ideas and that’s made it quite personal, and that’s very important.

And, tell me, what is your personal favorite song on the album and why?

Rob:  My personal favorite is ‘Machine Malfunction’. A lot of times you look back and wonder how you created a song. That’s one I look back on and wonder how we did it. Looking at the final multitrack does not give you a clue as to how it developed over time.

I’ve noticed that you have decided to call the songs on your album “Episodes” instead of tracks or what have you. Is the album story based, and if so, what is the major plot to it all?

Rob:  “Episodes” is a word the label used in their promo material, and we’re not sure why.  But, hey, it sounded interesting enough so we went with it.

In my neverending quest to discover new music, I’ve been asking a lot of musicians what they’ve been listening to lately. And, so, I ask you the same: What have you been listening to? Any new bands that you think deserve more of a spotlight?

Rob:  I don’t want this to sound too cliché’ but I’ve been spending so much time in the studio I don’t really listen to much new music. I just finished producing some very fine bands that deserve to be mentioned. PDR, an industrial band from Bergamo Italy, TourdeForce, a synthpop band from Milan, Red This Ever, a synthrock band from Baltimore MD, are a few bands that I’ve recently produced and really enjoy.

And what are you future plans regarding 11 Grams? Any tours, shows, or future EPs in the works?

Rob:  We are playing in the DC area on November 25th but Roy Retrofit from Red This Ever will fill in for Simeon. In the late Spring we will try to play a couple of shows in Australia. I would like to play some festivals too but time will tell. Simeon has already created  enough simple drafts to craft an album from so we are on our way already to a second album.

And another off topic question for you: How is Retrogramme doing? What news do you have of this project? Anything fun and exciting, or has 11 Grams taken up most of your time as of late?

Rob:  Retrogramme is alive but we’ve decided for now to scratch our own personal creative itches. We do have some drafts for a new album as well so we will pick it up once each of us wraps up what we are doing now.

Lastly, I thank you for your time! I wish you the best of luck with Panacea and leave the space below free for any last words you may have. Cheers!

Rob:  Thanks for your time as well.  Big respect for you and Brutal Resonance!