Another big step in the history of EK Product

It’s time for another big step in the history of EK Product, that will take us fast forward in the future.

The newest addition to the roster of our small but nice Label is called K-BEREIT.

Statement of the band:
“We’re glad to announce you that K-BEREIT has joined the dynamic label EK Product. Our new album “Negativ Beat / Positiv Sound” will be out in march 2012″

PS: EKP is equally excited!

The recording of the album has been finalized and the finishing touches to the mix has been done by Mika Rossi at Echoknocks Studio in Kristianstad, Sweden.

K-BEREIT mixes all types of electronic music. It is obviously dance floor orientated. Technoids and industrial rhythms are wrapped with heavy and distorted sounds in which voice becomes a dark chant.

On stage, K-BEREIT offers a powerful show with compositions full of metallic percussions, aggressive basses and particularly efficient melodies.

K-BEREIT is a project of Kriegbereit’s and Cobalt 60’s musician Dominique Lallement and his friend for ages Frédéric Sebastien.

We provide you with further news as we have them!