Advanced Art – Archive | Review by Subsine – Synthguiden –

by Mikael Svensson | 20 Dec.

It was over thirty years ago since we heard something from these Finnish synth pioneers and it was a very different time back then, but much like today i some strange and scary way. The music climate was different in all kind of ways and synth music had its peak. And last but not least, i was very different also back then. I was thin, hairier and looked more like a synth person, a bit like Jana & Vince at the cover of the Archive album and like my old heroes. I first heard Advanced Art back in 1991 when I first saw the video for the song From Nothing To Nothing at MTV and immediately bought the 12″ maxi-single Scar. Later on I also bought the next first CD maxi-single Time and the CD album Product. First time that I heard this music I was booth thrilled and exited, because it sounded as much synth as it possible could do. Kind of a soundtrack of my life. Pure synth music at its best. In Sweden we call this kind of music synth, but dear child has many names. It could also go under the name industrial and ebm (Electronic Body Music). I totally loved Advanced Art right from the beginning and then the band suddenly disappeared around the year 1995-96 I begin to slowly forget them, and later on I sold all my vinyl records and some CD´s, among them was all my records by Advanced Art.

For a few years ago I started to miss Advanced Art and their music after talking to some friends of mine who reminded me of this grate band, and I began to slowly be more and more disappointed, because their records were hard to find, especially on CD. But suddenly something happened. The Italian label EK Product decided release all the old vinyl material at a two disc CD album in December 14 this year. I got these records and now I can’t stop listening to this great music and allow myself to be a bit nostalgic. It struck me so hard that this music is still very good and that I missed them so very very much. All the great songs and the wonderful sound.

All my favorite songs is included on this Archive double CD: From Nothing To Nothing, Wake Up, Tear Open These Scar (from the Scar 12” maxi-single), Some Time, Anthem 26 (the extra tracks from the Time CD maxi-single), No Future, ‘Till I Beg For Mercy, Scene One, Your Product and No Answers No Solutions (from the Product CD album), and many more songs both unreleased and songs that I never heard before.

What I love the most with Advanced Art’s music is the cold and monotone sound, the soft and hard drums, the cool baselines, the progressive sequencer sounds and the wonderful harmonies and melodies. There is no unnecessary sound – less is more. The music is also both soft and hard at the same time. You can easily dace to most of the songs or relax to others but the songs are still sad and melancholy. I love that. It is like Depeche Mode and Front 242 had a child together, and I think these two bands have had a great impact in Jana’s and Vince music writing as both influences and inspiration among other bands and other things.

Finally and in summary, Archive is a gold mine and a most for all people who love pure old school ebm/synth/industrials as bands like Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, Leather Strip, Invincible Spirit and à;GRUMH…, etcetera. Finnish bands are otherwise nothing we are spoiled with and Advanced Art is and was pioneers in their homeland. For me they are still one of my old heroes and their sound is still unique and special. It is like Advanced Art and Syntec where the first bands in the world who made futurepop before the genre was even made. I can really recommend this CD for booth old fans and new fans because it’s full of all the great songs and hits and haven’t you yet heard this great music, you have to look for it and discover for yourself that Archive is full of booth great and wonderful music or as we in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia use to call pure old school synth nowadays and back in the days of the 80`s and the 90`s. This is some kind of a musically and historical masterpiece in the synth genre. A most for all record collectors and for those who love great music on a physically CD. On this double album you can find all the classic songs and hits, live songs and both rare and unreleased songs. It also comes in a nice black and white digipak with a eight side booklet full of nice pictures and all the information you need for each and every song.  CD1 contains all the songs from the 7”, 12” and CD singles and maxi-singles, and the best songs from the both CD’s. CD2 are full of demos, live, rare and unreleased songs.

I am so glad that EK Product released this album with all my favorite songs that I still love, and that I now have all the discs and songs that I so long missed. A great job and I solute you! Thanks Advanced Art for all great music and memories. I still love you and you are still one of my music heroes! Peace!