2nd Civilization – Report from the dark | Review by Peek-a-Boo magazine

Brothers and sisters. Be happy! Wait until the revolution comes! A 2nd Civilization is imminent!

“Report from the dark”? Are you kidding me? This CD is great fun, from beginning to end … Happy beats and occasional guitars are smashing my dark feelings into oblivion. This is better than XTC … I guess. Fuck, just now that I was looking forward to some really depressing shit, questioning the meaning of life and other trivialities … Well I guess I can always watch the news or buy the new Absynthe Minded album, whatever. I’m getting quite an energy boost, riding this “Train to madness”. Hell, who are these guys and where do they come from?

Ooh, this sounds kind of creepy: “Words”, a fantastic song, with a lot of words and no meaning? I’ve kind of listened to it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! It has a great eighties WAVE feel to it and it’s like … FUCKING ADDICTIVE fellow citizens, beware … “Agony and terror”, WTF? The sun is shining and life is beautiful! Summer is upon us … Have a great break from sadness and enjoy this CD way too much.

“Report from the future”: 2nd Civilization is topping charts all over Europe and “Iris is god” …

Responsible for all this fun: 3 guys from Aalst, I shit you not. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. If there’s one place in Belgium where they know how to party, It’s Aalst! Thank you for the music, Dekay, Trick and Vidi… and Cheers EK Product!