Vomito Negro

Vomito Negro already took off way back in 1982, and over the past years they established a name for themselves as uncompromising aural architects, combining power with emotion, electro with vision.

Vomito Negro is never content with a certain formula: their musical approach, essentially based on the European “Industrialist” tradition of the early eighties, takes a different angle with every record. Vomito Negro established to be one of the most important Industrial European bands of 80’s & early 90’s and built up a great following since.

Then, after numerous successful releases like ‘Shock’, ‘Human’ & ‘The New Drugs’ (to name a few) and discontent with the result of their last studio album ‘Fireball’ Vomito Negro went into a sleep mode… In 2009, Gin Devo decided the time was ripe to re-animate the sleeping beast and released a new album “Skull & Bones” in 2010.

“Fall of an Empire” Vomito Negro’s long awaited new album it was released on January 25th 2013.