T.W.A.T. (Sweden) emerged as one of the most unique projects in 2009, mixing oi punk and oldschool EBM styles, which led to very catchy and fresh result. EBM has always been to some level influenced by punk music through origins of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and Nitzer Ebb, and this influence is present in most modern bands as well.

However, T.W.A.T. is an entirely different case, because the Oi influence stands out very strongly in their music – which results in an entirely outstanding mix. T.W.A.T. is the very first band to go in this direction, and is doing so with great success. It all started with singer and composer Martin Sax wanting to bring together the best of his two favourite genres, EBM and Oi Punk, and make melodic EBM with some twists and in-your-face lyrics. The response was fantastic and he knew he had found a style that was something different and that appealed to people. Soon afterwards Mary S. Sax (musician, vocalist and lyrical mastermind) joined up with T.W.A.T. as the final part needed to complete the T.W.A.T.-machinery.

Their own views in different political and social questions often shine through in T.W.A.T.s lyrics. Often it’s about the life and situation of the working class and the problems and troubles they have to live with every day.

They got signed by Machineries of Joy and their first full-length album entitled “Blood, Sweat and Teargas” hit the market in 2011, following the appetizer EP “Working Class Love”. In 2012 the winds of change are blowing and their next album will be released by EK Product.

T.W.A.T. – We live to work and thrive.

Photo credits: Andreas Måneskiöld