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How do you become a member of EKP/SRR Promo Pool? You have to belong to one (or more) of these groups:

DJ: you play regularly in the hippest clubs and venues to supply the crowd with your music.

Radio Station: you work for a radio station as a DJ for your own show and/or you are involved in the creation of playlists.

Journalist: as a journalist, you review and report about the latest music releases for one or several music magazines.


PLEASE NOTE: All digital music sent by/received from EKP / SRR remains the property of the copyright owner. Any file sharing or copying is illegal and a breach of the terms of our service. If we become aware of any such breach of copyright we reserve the right to notify the relevant owner and cancel their subscription, as we offer our products for mutual beneficial promotion and exposer, of brand, of artists and of current sounds we hope that a mutual respect can be applied.