W424 – Carnal | Review by Alien E-Zine

The occupation of the already rotten planet Earth has begun. That’s probably the first thing that comes to my mind when I play a new song by a member of Cardinal Noire. Lasse Alander is both the sound engineer of the already mentioned band and a visionary of the apocalyptic future with pagan supremacy, which penetrates to us from hell itself.

A strong, noisy foundation seems to summon an army of fallen angels. Hybrid rhythms, crushing blocks and walls of noise crawl every minute and carve out their sad story like in the song Touch of heaven. The whole story is enveloped in the smell of a dystopian film, where there is a minimum of hope.

Hopelessness and cold everywhere. Strong, noise structures and minimalistic loops enveloped in dark atmospheres and slow rhythms. Ritual voices, a lot of iron, crying and dominant energy. A great soundtrack that you don’t want to get lost in!