EK Product is stoked to announce VIPERMILK

Get ready for an amazing new that will make you crazy with enjoyment!

There is no antidote effective enough to counteract the acoustically poisonous and all-encompassing consequences of Vipermilk’s modulations. Their electronic sound creates momentary psychic destabilization, excitement, an unstoppable urge to turn up the volume and an uncontrollable desire to dance.

EKP is proud to announce the recruitment of this incredible Finnish electro-band, which in its debut perfectly combines the irreverent aggression of electro-punk, the mechanical power of industrial and the catchy melodism of synthwave.

Sharp lyrics, incandescent sounds and pounding rhythms, create visionary, psychotic atmospheres, out of any usual cataloging. Vipermilk will soon transform from an emerging project to one of the most compelling realities of the European technological scene, guaranteeing fans a tracklist of exceptional incisiveness for an extraordinary entertainment.

The winning strategy of this band is based on three fundamental elements: desire to entertain and intrigue, high compositional skills and lightning speed in conquer the listener. Any further description and praise dedicated to Vipermilk are superfluous: only by coming into contact with their sound will it be possible to perceive, understand and fully experience their biting authenticity, their boundless talent. The only side effect of Vipermilk’s music is this: it induces compulsive addiction.