Spektralized – My needs EP | Review by Side-Line magazine

Spektralized is back! This project set up by Richard Bjørklund (also known from Monofader) has released all their material on Accession Records. A digital release seems to be released in 2010, but “My Needs” seems like their come-back after a CD-hiatus of 6 years. The band gained some notoriety because of Sebastian R. Komor producing their debut-CD “Elements Of Truth”.

Spektralized hasn’t really changed their style and influences. “My Needs” remains pretty pop-like and I even dare to speak about a comeback of future-pop, which is especially noticeable on the “Exclusive EP Version” and the “Radio Edit”. Some of the arrangements might remind to Icon Of Coil.

And it’s not really a surprise Icon Of Coil did a real cool remix of “My Needs”. This version is seriously uplifted in power and characterized by a typical Icon Of Coil passage. This is a great remix! Among the other remixes of the title song I also have to mention the guitar empowered remix by Zargg.

The other remixes are like bringing older songs back to life. I’m here referring to “Learn And Teach” and “Stardust” which were originally released on their debut-CD “Elements Of Truth”. We also get remixes of “Special Feeling” and “All So Wasted” which appeared on their digital CD “The Puzzle” (2010). I’ve to say that most of the remixes are really cool. Code 64, Angst Pop, Mental discipline and Supercraft did a real good job.

Spektralized has been put back on the map, but I prefer to wait for the new full length to get an idea about the potential. “My Needs” is however a strong appetizer!