Restricted Area – Wear & Tear EP | Review by Side-Line magazine

Restricted Area made a comeback in 2011 releasing a new full length (cf. “Core Excess”) and an EP (cf. “Underdog”). The album deals with body-pop while the “Underdog” was a solid piece of old-school EBM.

This new EP brings us the best part of the Swedish band, which consists of great EBM. Restricted Area has this kind of particular old-school EBM feeling reminding me of the legendary pioneers like DAF, Nitzer Ebb and co but still has a very unique touch.

The familiar ingredients remain a terrific basis for this EP featuring 5 new songs and 2 remixes from songs originally released on “Underdog”. The great and dry bass lines merged with a perfect danceable tempo and the commanding vocals of Peter Elm result in a hard kick off. “The End” and the “Drönar Mix” of “Slacker” are both impressive pieces of pure EBM energy.

I like the kind of tiny technoid flavor on top of “Slacker”. The “Floor Mix” of “Weapon” is another great piece of music, which reminds me of Nitzer Ebb. It’s full of adrenaline and danceable aggression. We next get 2 quieter pieces, which appears to be a kind of break after the stunning debut. The 2 last pieces move back into pure dynamite. “Greed” and “Suicide” both again are showing the very energetic body style of the Swedish project. It sounds fast and merciless and once again we can make a link with Nitzer Ebb.

The 2nd chapter of the EP is filled with new mixes and the known album version of “When It Comes” (taken from the last CD). I was deeply impressed by the techno-groovy “Drönar Floor Mix” of “Slacker”. This is a very creative mix of fresh and minimal electronics. I personally expected a bit more out of the other songs, but globally speaking this EP shows Restricted Area at their best.

This is the kind of EBM I like and Restricted Area never disappointed in this particular discipline. If you’re into EBM, just buy without any hesitation!