Restricted Area – “Core Excess” – OUT NOW!!!

After 7 years of absence (the last release being Fun and Fearless, Life Is Painful Records) Restricted Area are back with an extremely strong and well-defined double album that is sure to astonish every listener!

The new double CD is entitled “Core Excess” and consists of

CD 1: a powerful yet melancholic electro/synthpop album and CD 2: (Underdog E.P.): an in-your-face, 10-track EBM album in its purest definition.

“Core Excess” (out on EK Product) is a top quality product ready to become a true classic! It represents the best work by Peter Elm who is in his artistic flair peak!

What immediately stands out is the fact that the entire work is very carefully crafted in all its aspects, from the high-quality music production to the expressive strength of the artwork, with etchings by the artist Alicia Batalow.
Restricted Area’s comeback is not only a strong album that will reassure the band’s well-deserved place in the history of electronic music. It is also a deeply moving, enjoyable and unconventional piece of work!

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