Resistor – Driving Force | Review by Side-Line

Resistor is an EBM solo-project driven by Leonardo Jaime aka ‘Neuromancer’ and hails from Bogota (Colombia). I noticed Resistor previously released an EP (cf. “Breathe”) in 2015 on the excellent Black Leather Records. “Driving Force” is the official debut album featuring ten songs plus two remixes. Content: There definitely is a match between Resistor and EK Product. The work is carried from start till the end by retro-influenced EBM. The songs are a bit cliché-like, featuring classical metallic percussion sounds and typical song structures, but there also is a kind of minimalism. The songs are mainly sung in English, but you’ll also notice a few Spanish lyrics. The songs are short and powerful. TourdeForce and AD:keY official both have accomplished one remix each. If you’re into old-school EBM, this project definitely will get you to move your body! Resistor belongs to the classical EBM school and features a few cool songs. I especially like the kind of minimalism in the production, which also was a trademark from labels such as Black Leather Records and Black Montanas. This album reflects all the expected EBM power by its classical ingredients like metallic percussion, solid bass lines and vocals. Both remixes are adding a real bonus to the album. The sound production is a bit compressed and that’s a pity. I think this is an important point to improve.
Conclusion: Resistor is an interesting addition to the EK Product roster and a must have for all EBM freaks.