Oldschool Union – Älä Ole, Elä! | Review by Peek-a-Boo magazine

EKPCD014, BPM grenade.

EBM WAR on music industry and mainstream radio created mediocrity …

Groundbreaking news: outbreak of EBM-riots all over Europe. EBM troops have recently taken Bordeaux, Ronse, Reims, Aalst, Toulouse, Ghent, Maastricht, Mouscron, Bruges, Arras, Strasbourg, Arlon, Antwerp, Lille, Dessau, Moers, Napoli and Berlin and are now preparing a crushing assault on Finnish charts. Elite outfit Oldschool Union is leading the attack, supported by EK Product’s special forces. EBM world dominance is at hand!

The beats are harsh, the voice is aggressive, the music passionate, the feeling hardcore and the artwork (meant to be?) funny. Oldschool Union puts their massive talent on display, on this ultra-energetic album that will keep you dancing all night! I don’t understand a word of what their singing about, but it all sounds great. Finnish and raw bass-lines: a match made in heaven.

Oldschool Union is a hard-hitting duo featuring men of honor Seppo Ahlstedt and Janne Vilen. We hope to see them on the next Belgian Independent Music Festival (Or a lot sooner, sure, why not?)! “Älä ole, elä” offers 16 (!) relentless tracks and was released on April 20th , 2012. EK Product, we are impressed!

No retreat, no surrender , Oldschool for life!