Oldschool Union – Älä Ole, Elä! | Review by Side-Line magazine

We here can speak about the first 100% Finnish EBM combo…or at least the first one that will possibly break through. This is indeed the first Finnish EBM band I can remember making EBM and singing in their Mother tongue. We’re used to hearing Swedish EBM bands singing in their Mother tongue, but Finnish is something really special.

But “Älä Ole, Elä!” is much more than an original creation (because of the language) it’s also a damn efficient EBM product. Oldschool Union is clearly inspired by bands like Nitzer Ebb, Pouppée Fabrikk and Ionic Vision.

Their sound is hard, fast and aggressive. The harsh vocals aren’t only very special because of the language, but also because of a deep, rough and zombie-like timbre of voice. Oldschool Union also takes care to spice up some of their songs by explicit tones in the chorus part. The most efficient tracks are “Känniman” and “Työvoimapula”. Other noticeable songs are “Kebabilla”, “This Line Will Not Break”, “Bodyfest”, “Muuri Ja Railo” and “Pohjoinen Taivas (V2.0)”.

The title song is another attention grabber while the remix of the great “Känniman” simply is the ultimate song of the album.

Another main aspect of the album consists of the great production. This is not the new Spetsnaz although a real serious competitor. The remix of the title song by Spark! leads the album into a kind of body-punk final.

Oldschool Union composes raw and energetic EBM without surprises or compromises. It’s hard and kicking, but absolutely amazing for a debut CD. This is a real strong newcomer!