Official Press Release // Void Kampf

A glorious and sensational return that of the quartet Void Kampf, authors of an incredibly enthralling technological synergy that combines French Old School EBM and Techno Body Music.

The winning formula that has always made the music of this project so special is based essentially on the ability to immediately stimulate dance capturing the listening, propagating around your hi-fi speakers an aura of extraordinary dynamism that wraps you into a vortex of hard electronic energy.

Funk Off is the uncompromising new album, created specifically to reach even higher levels of popularity. For this purpose the band has worked intensely, generating sixteen tracks full of hyper-danceable drumming, completed by harsh vocals, squared lines of sequencers, brilliant sections of synths and fascinating sampling. The space around you will fill with exciting, breathtakingly sonorities, while at the same time you will be amazed by the ease with which your legs will move rhythmically following these inebriating modulations.

The air becomes electronic. Something special is happening. Prepare your bodies and minds to assimilate a sound beyond any expectation: Void Kampf are back!

Funk Off