Official Press Release // Protectorate

Strobe lights colored with the shades of apocalyptic sunsets illuminate the return to the electronic scene of the Finnish Kalle Lindberg, who with his solo act Protectorate spreads an energetically dark, merciless music, capable of disturbing, dynamizing and by vibrating every cell of the body. Epigone of the old school electro industrial, the artist has managed to create a specific sonic imprint that characterizes his music, always full of aggressiveness and technological energy. The 2016 self titled debut album “Protectorate” had already demonstrated the amazing creative potential of this explorer of synthetic sound, who with the new full length “II” makes a strong qualitative progression that sends him into the highest orbits of the alternative electronic universe.

The tracklist of “II” presents eight high-powered sonic performances, charged with a caustic combination of different stylistic orientations that blend together to generate a single material in which electro industrial and EBM resonate loud, spinning into alienating structures overflowing with vocal and instrumental harshness. Bursts of electronic sonic flames come out from a tracklist capable of dynamizing the mind and moving the body in frenzied uptempo – midtempo dances, during which the sense of hearing experiences razor sharp frequencies, composed of pounding lines of drum machine, murky streams of synths, precise sequencing trajectories, abrasives electric guitar riffs and chant sections that spread whirlwinds of destructive anger.

Protectorate’s sound is authoritatively ruthless, played without compromise and destined to fix for a long time in the memory of the listener who is passionate about this genre: “II” is above all the album of the definitive turning point of this project, whose sonic strength will annihilate any attempt to resist it, dragging you into an electro stimulating spiral from which you will never want to leave!