Official Press Release // OneCyze Project

After the extraordinary validity demonstrated in 2009 with the full-length “Confused Mental State”, the project is ready to astonish you with thirteen new tracks that will make you literally vibrate directing to your brain all its amazing energy. You will discover a dynamic technologic sound planned with extreme accuracy, with modulations that will make you dance for days.

The solid bass-lines and the glacial vocals of Josef Gruen, together with the instrumental strategies by J.B., they wholly polarize your attention flooding the surrounding space, while the nervous intermittences of drum-machine, the minimal synth ornaments and the pulses of programming they spread scans that will force you to move rhythmically following metronomic trajectories. The return of OneCyze Project is considered an event of great resonance for the sensational danceability of their music, for the highest quality of sounds but also for the atmospheres electronically restless and leaden contained within this new album that will honor the record collection of many fans.

OneCyze Project - Absolute Zero