Official Press Release // Guilt Trip

This is an imposing performance this one by the Swedish duo act Guilt Trip, a talented project endowed with an avantgarde creativity and intuitions out of the ordinary.

Their new double-album Body Parts perfectly integrates different sonic-tech elements, enhancing the hardness of the industrial-rock, the suggestions ofdark-electro and a strong propensity to experimentalism. Astylistically varied release optically intrigues the listener by its metaphoric sleeve, until get himstunned by its great tracklist. The two volumes of this work include twenty-four songs, in which the audience will find highly intelligent formulations mixed with each other, ranging over from moments full of obscure electronic cerebralism to frequent ultra-danceable solutions for dancefloors, all characterized by an original compositional style that gives Guilt Trip’s music a well defined and personal identity, built by catchy drum programming lines, wide profusions of sequencers, hard vocal calligraphism and captivating streams of synths. “Body Parts” is therefore a stunning interpretation of the Industrial concept, capable to emanate asound energy of rare intensity and of qualitative superiority. This masterpiece can’t be miss in the collection of all veterans of electro culture, but also in that of all those who want to approach this genre for the first time.

Guilt Trip are deservedly a real example of modernity, excellence and inspiration, demonstrating capacity tha tonly a few number of contemporary artists can express so vividly.

This is and will be timeless music.